The Institute of Preventive Cardiology was founded in 1982 in Moscow as a part of the All-Soviet Union Cardiology Scientific Center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Later, in 1988 it was reorganized into an independent Federal State Institution National Research Centre for Preventive Medicine. The Center's work has been focused on the research and analysis of the national epidemiological situation, development and implementation of preventive programs for cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases that have common risk factors.

Today the National Research Centre for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation is the leading institution in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and other non-communicable diseases. The Center is a medical research institute of a conceptually new type solving the problem of health preservation and promotion, developing methods and organizational forms of primary and secondary prevention of major non-communicable diseases aimed to reduce morbidity and mortality of the population. The Centre conducts large-scale prevention programmes using the data received from monitoring of major health parameters and impact factors on the population of different regions, estimates their efficiency and carries out their practical implementation.

The cooperative studies for prevention of arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease which the Center has been carrying out on the national level for many years have a great scientific and practical value. The results of this study showed the feasibility of the organization of prevention measures on the primary level of healthcare. This provided the basis for creating the concept of the integrated prevention of non-communicable diseases in the healthcare system.

The personnel of the Center comprises 700 specialists including one member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, two members and three correspondent members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 20 professors, 33 Doctors of Medicine and 75 PhD, honoured doctors and scientists, state prize winners. We should specially mention famous specialists in  prevention of non-communicable diseases: professors G.S. Zhukovsky, I.S. Glazunov, V.I. Metelitsa, L.V. Chazova, D.M. Aronov, A.N. Britov, R.G. Oganov, S.A. Boytsov, N.V. Perova, S.A. Shalnova, A.D. Deev, A.M. Kalinina, A.A. Alexandrov, V.N. Malakhov, N.V. Pogosova, V.A. Metelskaya, O.N. Tkachyova, who worked or still working in the Center.

The National Research Center for Preventive Medicine has a rich clinical base. The Center`s clinic comprises 130 beds and resuscitation unit, annually 5,000 people receive treatment here and more than 150,000 people contact the Center every year.

The modern medical equipment of the Center allows providing highly technological medical care.

The National Research Center for Preventive Medicine organizes training courses for hospital physicians specializing in cardiovascular and internal diseases and post-graduate students specializing in cardiovascular diseases. Real-time distance learning is conducted by means of videoconference system (telemedicine).

The specialized Scientific Board holds regular meetings for defence of doctor and Ph.D. theses dedicated to the topical issues of epidemiology, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of CVD and other non-communicable diseases.

The Center prepares and conducts trainings for doctors and patients dedicated to arterial hypertension, dislipidemy, metabolic syndrome, methods of overcoming bad habits.

The Center actively participates in the healthy lifestyle propaganda in mass media.

Many collaborators of the Center are members of the leading international scientific societies such as the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS), etc.

The Centre publishes the following research and practice magazines: Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention, Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology and also Preventive Medicine (former Prevention of Diseases and Health Promotion).



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